Friday, August 25, 2006

September ArtisticEmbellishments Projects

This month Alana has 2 FULL kits (Jumbo and Brown) and the Alpha Kit has 5 alphabet sets in it!!!
I believe the kits go on sale today

Here are the projects I did using the Jumbo Kit:

Here are the ones using the Brown Kit:

And my layout using a mix of the different kits:


Janelle said...

girl you rawk! but hey you know that already! just love these!

Cari said...

You are on fire girl!!
Amazing projects!!!

Sherry said...

LOOK at those clever stems on that tulip layout... HOW ever did you get such a great idea like that? teheee..
LOVE all of these girl!
but you knew that!

Amanda said...

Kimber - these look GREAT!!! You are AMAZING!

Ritascottage said...

So this is where you get all your lovely stuff!! Awesome work Kimber!