Friday, September 29, 2006

Fun *Little* project

I found these cute tins at Memoirs the other day. They are 'Band-Aid' Tins by Provo Craft. They are about 3"x4" and made out of tin.
Of course I made a little mini album to fit inside of it. :D
I had fun playing with the Gin-X papers, coasters and Cotton Art Tape.

There's alot going on here on the front of the tin. The coasters are so much fun. They come with different sizes of circles all layered with in each other and pop easily to use them seperately. To get them on the handle of the tin, I just cut a slit and slid it around the handle and closed the ends together again, no need to tape them back up.


your mother said...

WAY COOL!!!!!!!!! LOVE the boy stuff. Very clever use of materials!!!!!!!

And.....soooooo Andrew!!!!!!!

Margie H said...

OK..this is just too stinkin' cute, Kimber! I was going to put ATCs in there but I like what you did! LOL!! Thanks for always inspiring me!

Rein said...

Wow, This is gorgeous!
Great idea! :)

island girl said... are so working the gin it!

Cari said...

You rock girlfriend!!!
Aren't those tins so much fun!!! (I have a couple sitting here waiting for me to do something with them)
Love that little album too!

Peg Graham said...

Now that is some majorly awesome schtuff you got going on there! Love how you worked that tin!!! you always are!