Friday, November 17, 2006

The Big Game and a Sad Day

Tomorrow is a BIG game for us BUCKEYES. Our No. 1 team is Playing the No. 2 team (Michigan). This is a very healthy rivalry that has gone back many years. There is alot at stake for this game though. This game will determine who plays for the National Championship. I will be cheering for my BUCKEYES tomorrow at 3:30pm eastern time.

Now, the sad news... The former coach for Michigan, Bo, has passed away today. It truely is a sad day. Bo was a great competitor and understood what it was all about. Even a Buckeye fan can respect that.

A friend of mine posted this on a message board and I think she summed it up
beautifully. For those who don't know the history between Ohio State and
Michigan, here is a brief rundown. Bo used to be an Assistant Coach under Woody
Hayes at
Ohio State. The Michigan job was offered to Bo (after the
Buckeyes won the
1968 National Championship) and he took it, which pissed
off Woody. Ohio
State was undefeated in 1969 and looking at a back-to-back
championship until Bo and the Michigan Wolverines beat Ohio State,
pissed Woody off even more. Plus the two coaches recruited players
from each others states which fueled the rivalry until Woody retired
the 1978 football season. Lot's of great history there. The ironic
thing, on
Monday our local TV station sports director went up to Ann Arbor
interview Bo. He asked Bo if he was going to make the trek to Columbus to
watch the game. Bo replied that he wasn't feeling well enough to travel (he
had heart surgery last month) and went out and bought a 52" TV so he could
watch the game from home and feel like he was in Columbus.
Now Bo, along
with Woody, will have the best seats in "The Shoe" tomorrow.

Yes, I agree, Bo and Woody will be watching this game together tomorrow from the best seats in "The Shoe.


your mother said...

God Bless Woody and Bo!!! Thanks for the history lesson...didn't know all the details.

Shantay said...

I agree thanks for the details! Even Sportscenter didn't give me that! Glad your Buckeyes won!

Joanne Bain said...

I have just come across your blog and thought I would stop and say HI! Your layouts are just beautiful.
Have a great day