Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Mail Day

Ms. Ping this Blog entry is just for you. When I got this package in the mail I KNEW that you would be sooooo jealous. hehehe.

I got this totally cool box in the mail from a sweet Friend.
We were chatting one day and she asked me if I liked lip gloss.
The girl definately had some lip gloss!

I laughed out loud when I read the SHIP TO: on the box.
I didn't catch it at 1st and then I closed up the box to put it out of my daughter's reach and it caught my eye.
Kat put 'HOF ROCKSTAR' on the box. I need to send her something back and make sure it is addressed to the 'MASTER SCRAPPER'.

Talk about a fantastic gift!!! Thank you Kat!!!

(My little girl is loving this too!)

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Cari said...

heehee!! That's too funny! I love it!
And you ARE a rockstar girl!! ;)

laura said...

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I am so jealous. Look at that. I just know you will share;) You are the HOF Rockstar...she is right. can't wiat to see what else comes your way ;)

ps...we need to get together!

Katrina said...

LOL - glad you liked it! The postman got a chuckle out of that ship, as well. And I really do think that you should share with your friend....lord knows I can send you more!

janelle said...

hey man is true! you are the biggest rock star out there!!!! now share that lip gloss! ;)

island girl said...

heheheh..i have lip gloss envy!!