Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Nat'l Scrapbook Day!

Here is the finished 'new' project!!!

All my girls loved the new purse! They said it was even cuter than the 1st version. YAY!
There are 2 extra kits (at least there were a few hours ago) at the store. If you are interested in purchasing one, please email me or leave me a comment.
Look even an apple for the teacher! Ok, not really! Amy is preggers and brought a snack to make it through class.
Look how proud Jennie was of her purse! Actually, Jennie is hilarious! I was talking about using the templete I made to make the paper go over the handle and how to just cut a slit to slide it over the handle... Well, Jennie just says, "Why don't we just take the handle off?" LOL. Well, cause you are smarter than me girl! I didn't know the handle came off! (hehehe! you know I am teasing you Jennie!)
Thanks again to Maya Road and my class gals for being willing to roll with the punches!
Have a Scrappy Day!


{jennie} said...

I loved taking your class and look forward to taking more in the future! It was so nice to meet you!

Kerry said...

That album is terrific!
I want one.

#1 Buckeye Fan said...

Kimber, that purse is just darling! TFS! :)


Robyn said...

OMGosh that's the cutest PURSE album EVER!

april said...

Looks like a fun class! Missed you at CKC nashville this year