Monday, August 27, 2007


Guess what I did?!!

My 1st Digi Page!!! I know I know... crazy, eh?!

All these digi elements are from the At Home kit by my girlfriend, Laura Ping. Her kits are dirt cheap!!! Only $2 a kit. Check it out!

I even tried my hand at a little hybrid too. That page will be in an online version at I will post when it is up (I don't know right now when that is going live.)

I am just in shock that I figured it out!

Also, the instructors at Memoirs have started a blog so we can show sneak peeks and share other information with the customers. Please add this to your bookmarks if you are local. All of us will be posting information on this blog.

My next class will be on Wed the 5th of Sept. from 6:30-8:30pm. It is this cute Back To School Album. Come join me if you are in the area!


Katrina said...

Look at you rockin' the digi! Great job!!

And I'm looking at flights so that I can take your class. :)

Linda Beeson said...

I applaud you on your digi page! I haven't taken the plunge to 100% digi yet so you are a few steps ahead of me!

Kara said...

hey chica!! i see that you are going to be at CKC Phoenix teaching!! me too!!!
let me know if you can meet up for lunch, dinner, something. ;)

talk soon!

Christel said...

So proud of you and the digital layout..welcome to the dark side. Love the school book..might have to take that one since I have another one in school. Had a great dinner last night we need to do that more often

Kristi said...

that is one fab digi page!! :)

Dusti said...

Okay, you learn stuff way too fast and your making me look bad! ha ha! Thanks again for all the scrap goods! It was fun to meet you and Kimber in person although it seemed like I already knew you! Glad I got to see the scrap cave!

Lisa said...

Love the bridge bounce layout!

michele said...

isn't memoirs that snazzy li'l store in carmel? you teach there?? can i just say how excited i am to move now? ;o)

it was so great to meet you at cha. can't wait to have you over for a cup of coffee some afternoon!!