Monday, June 02, 2008

D-Day and catching up

Last night I packaged up the last of the projects, the gazillion forms and a disk that contains the manuscript for my book. Now it is off to F&W today. I am tempted to drive it down to Cincinnati myself but, I will leave the driving to UPS. It's been a long process but, a fun one. I have learned so much putting it together and working with some fantastic girls. I couldn't have done it without them!!!

With the end of my deadline, I am behind in posting up some of the stuff I did for WorldWin this month.
These were the final 2 projects using translucent vellums and the cascata paper line. So glad we used vellum this month. It was fun to play with.

That's all for now. Can't wait to get back to scrapping and POSTING layouts. I haven't posted many layouts lately because they have all been for my book or Sherry's book. It's so hard not to share projects. So so hard!

Have a good one!


Steve Ballmer said...


Kimmie said...

glad you get to post your creations again.

texasbarb said...

Whew!!!! Time for a breather!!!
your mother

laura said...

congratulations - can't wait to see the whole book -- all put together. so very proud of you :)