Thursday, June 26, 2008

want to do something nice?

One of the best card makers out there, Jennifer McGuire, is trying to do something really nice for her family that is providing dental care for those that need it in Africa. They live there with their 3 very young children. Please check out her blog and I hope you will decide to participate.
I am certain I have many cards lying around here that can be sent along.

Off to take some more cold medicine now and try to get to bed early.

Take care!


Nina said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. Feel good soon!

*Paula* said...

What a cool idea. I'm on it. I've just realized that I need to comment more on the blogs I read -- people have no idea who or how many people read their blogs (although you probably had an inkling that I read yours every now and again ;) )

Anonymous said...

What a great idea Jennifer has. Sorry to hear my girl Kimber is sick. Sending you get well wishes! Hope the kiddies don't catch it!
Tara Thynne

Kimmie said...

I did this....17 cards that im hoping to mail Thursday