Thursday, August 14, 2008

God Bless SPC Menke

Today I had the honor to be present at the memorial for SPC Jon Menke in Madison, Indiana. It was a wonderful service honoring him. It was wonderful to hear about this young man from his friends and family. At the same time it was heart wrenching to know he was taken so young. What struck me the most was the pride the community of Madison showed. As we exited the High School where the service was held, the streets were lined with people from all walks of life. We passed High School aged kids, business people dressed in suits, medical people in their scrubs, kids from the Boys and Girls Club holding flags with their hands over their hearts and mom's with their young children. As we pulled into the Madison's Memorial Park, there was a large flag raised by 2 fire trucks. I was brought to tears many times today from the pride shown, the sadness of the loss of Menke and the overall celebration of his life.
It was a hard day but, I was proud and humbled at the same time.
God Bless you SPC Menke. You are a Hero!


texasbarb said...

OMG!!! What a wonderful tribute for SPC Menke!!!

I know it was hard for you!! I've got tears just reading your blog.

Thanks for sharing.


*Paula* said...

I've got tears too. Stay strong. Hugs.