Saturday, January 31, 2009

Month End wrap up -- WorldWin Papers

I am ALMOST late in posting my projects for WorldWin Papers.
It is still the 31st of January and I do now have my projects complete. I really did have 2 of the 3 done way ahead of schedule but, the last one didn't get finished before I left for CHA. Thankfully the WWP paper folks knew I was there and I let them know that I would get my last project done before the month closed out. WHEW! ;)

This month we partnered with Maya Road so you will see the entire team use some of their products throughout our gallery and blog... go check it out!
I'll be back very soon with photos from California. Taking a quick glance, it appears that I took NO photos while actually at the show. Oh well, I have fun ones from California Adventure and Disneyland.

Have a good one!


texasbarb said...

LOVE the birdie!!!!!

Glad you're home safe!!!

Lisa Dorsey said...

Gorgeous projects my dear! Welcome back, missed you! :)

Brenda Hurd said...

beautiful - love the house. It was so nice meeting you at CHA - Love your personality - you made me laugh!

lisa d said...

and just how did you not get a photo of bumpits girl? i'd think she'd trump Mickey any day :P

dstandard said...

Adorable Kimber!