Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crop & Create Class Sneak Peeks

The other day I shared a sneak for each of my classes but I thought I might share a few more. ;)

1st up is the Christmas Card class.

...and then a few more of the Flowers CAN Bloom All Year class.

If you are in or near Saskatoon, JOIN US! :)

Have a good one!


Lynn Avara-Stover said...

Love the sneak peaks! Is this the same group of cards you will be doing in Indiana?

Mam'Zelle Scrap said...

i love it soooo much! great!:-)

Kimber McGray said...

Lynn, I hope so! ;) It doesn't look Niles is going to work out. I need to figure out another plan. :(

MelissaB said...

LOVE these. Let me know where in Indiana you will be teaching!

April Derrick said...

These look awesome!!

scrappingtwins said...

What a cute cards you have made. They are gorgeous.

Love the twins

northcarmen (Carmen Pauls Orthner) said...

Oooh, cool! I love the range of materials you've used for the flowers. Looking forward to Saskatoon!!

Carmen (from Willow Traders)

Moonie said...

ooh just beautiful cards... I am in awe of your work x