Thursday, August 17, 2006

Did I say I LOVED kits?

I have a little secret 'toot' that I will share soon. :)
BUT, I was asked to put together kits for Memoirs, the store I teach for.The 1st one I did is for Back-to-School, since school started this week.
I feel in love with this paper line from Carolee's Adorn It!
It's definately back-to-school with out the bright primary colors.
Andrew starts Preschool next month so we did a mini photo shoot so I could have some respectable pictures to use on the store samples. He's such a snarky little guy. Look at his face on the All Star Student Layout. Soooo ornery! Love him!


Cari said...

LOve those layouts girl!! Love them!!! Great photos too!

Julie Ann said...

Great job! Love these layouts. Congrats on the DT too.

Elizabeth said...

awesome job kimber!!
congrats on the toot!!

Tami said...

Hey now! No secrets!! (Shh..whisper it to me...I'll never tell) ;) and Congrats whatever it is :)

island girl said...

you rawked these kits girl...and i can't wait to hear about your secret too! you are so gonna be the next scrappy star!

Sherry said...

do I already know this SECRET!
well I bettah!

congrats on ALL your success my friend!