Sunday, August 06, 2006

"It will be too Loud!"

Yesterday, I told Andrew I had I surprise for him and that we were going somewhere special.
Andrew- "really? somewhere special FOR ME?"
Me - "Yep, somewhere really fun."
A - "The Grocery Store?"
M- "No, not the Grocery Store... The Race Track!"
A - "No, I don't want to go to the race track... it will be really loud."
--- Brief Pause---
A - "I'd rather go to the Grocery Store."

What? Are you serious? You want to go to the Grocery Store? This is the same little boy that had to see the Movie 'Cars' twice in 1 week. Who finally decided it was time to potty train so he could wear the Lightening McQueen Underpants. The same little boy that stayed dry for a whole week so he could wear the the Lightening McQueen T-shirt.

So, no race track yesterday... We went to the Farmer's Market instead and walked around town for a bit. There were lots of garage sales on Main Street. We scored a matchbox car, some Garbage Pail Kid Trading Cards, a glass jar (see new altered project) and a Glass Orange Juice pitcher. All for $2!


your mother said...

wait til his daddy finds out he wanted to go to the grocery store...ROFLMBO!!!!!

Shantay said...

Sounds like you had fun!!! I can't believe he turned down the race track!!!!

Toni said...

That is too funny...

island girl said...


the grocery store!

i love it!