Thursday, August 10, 2006

What day is today?

My days all seem to run together. I wanted to take out garbage on Tuesday... Today is garbage day.
Being a stay -at-home-mom makes it all the more confusing. I can using tell when the week starts and ends when Bill is home for the weekend but, when he has Drill... I get all confused again.
It will be even worse this week since Bill is taking tomorrow off so we can go to the Indiana State Fair.

I love the fair. What a better excuse to eat all the junk in the world in 1 day. I'm dying to know what the latest and greatest deep friend sweet is. Last year we had a deep fried Oreo... not that great.

I'll give my reviews tomorrow.

Here are a few layouts I did the other night.


Nat said...

Gorgeous Layouts!

Adrienne said...

You have been busy!!!!

Cari said...

Have fun at the fair.

Please tell me you didn't all 4 of those layouts in one night??
I'll shoot myself. I'm the slowest scrapper ever!

Mandy Ford said...

Ooh...have fun at the fair! Eat a funnel cake for me!! :)

Love the layouts!

your mother said...'s papa and andrew...again...LOL!!!

Andrew sure was lookin' a bit greeen around the gills wasn't he??? Poor baby!!

Sherry said...

I have that problem too!!
you KNOW I love those layouts.

Elizabeth said...

hey i did not know you had a blog!!
i added you to my list =)
i am so with you on the days.. they all run together.. i actually did a post awhile back about hating Mondays.. cuz they mean nothing.. everyday is like a weekend for me!!..
have fun at the fair ..we may try and go one day.
btw, your lo's rock!

island girl said...

love your new layouts!! hope the fair is fun!!

and deep fried oreos?!! now a deep fried mars bar...that's some good stuff!