Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I see you!

Yay! I see some of my new Canadian Friends have found my blog.
Sorry it's not that exciting but, PLEASE say HI from time to time!

I will be back (hopefully today) with a Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for Kids in London, Ontario recap w/ photos. Right now though, I am off to the pediatricians office.

It seems that my husband accidentally caught my little girl's finger in the car door over the weekend and I think it needs to be seen by a doctor. Poor thing! :(


marci lambert said...

yikes! poor girl.
i added my pics to my blog. go lookie!

Sarah said...

Oh no! Hope she's okay!

Christel said...

I know where your blog is too, you just never update it. Hope you had a great weekend. Hope the finger is alright!

Kimberly said...

Can't wait to see those pictures! My camera decided to be on the frizt! You will have to email me those FUN pictures of Mel & Char to me as I left just before all the fun happened! I was so great to meet you and everyone. Thanks for all you did for our event. I have decided that SARAH is my new hero!!


Allison said...

Howdy Kim! Thanks for the great class last weekend! I had a blast!

Thanks for posting all those fun pictures!

Hope your DD's finger is okay!!!