Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for Kids 2007 -- London, Ontario

k, this by far, is the BEST event that I have been able to attend.

Over a year ago, an online pal mentioned she was thinking about putting together a crop to benefit the Local Children's Hospital in London where she lived.

Little did Sarah know that her little idea would grow so fast and touch so many people.

There ended up being multiple locations across Canada that participated in the event. Each location had a wonderful woman VOLUNTEER to head up the event in their hometown and to benefit their local hospital. With the help, support and love of other friends, coordinators were pulled in, teachers were added, donations were gathered, the space was secured, local media was notified and here we are... Hundreds of women attended and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS were raised.

Sarah I am so proud of you! Congrats on a fantastic event and being to caring and wonderful. You don't even have a clue to how many people you touched and helped this weekend!

I had the honour (that was for my new Canadian Friends) to have been asked to coordinate the teachers to work on an album for the Champion Child at our location. We all fell in love immediately. We read her story and watched her recovery through the photos and articles we were given to work with. Unfortunately, we were rushing out to catch our flights back to the States and had just a moment to visit with her before we left. I wish I could have been there when she received her album. I am SURE tears were flowing among everyone there.

Here are a few of the layouts that were done for her family by the teachers at the event.

Once other's got wind of what Sarah was doing, the event grew and grew.

Of COURSE there was fun to be had too!

As soon as Vivian, Paula, Marci and Anja arrived at the airport, cameras started flying.

We packed into a van to drive us from Detroit to London, Ontario. A short 3 hour drive. LOL. I think we were only quiet a few minutes that whole trip. It was wonderful to actually get and talk to them. Funny Funny Girls!

My roomies were Skermit (Steph), Kim Musgrove and Mel Faber. I barely got to see them but, we did make a trip over to Walmart so I could buy $18 worth of Canadian Chocolate.

I was so confused about Smarties being chocolate and Rockets being like our Smarties. I also bought Coffee Crisps, Aeros and Crunchies. It's all about the chocolate!

I also got a Tim Horton's Coffee at the Mall. Yum!

I got to meet Nic Howard and her hubby Paul who flew in from New Zeland and were working Canada like no one's business. She is so cute and funny! Paul was a trooper putting up with all the scrapping babble.

Spent some time hanging out with Vicki Boutin and Jen Backler. That Vicki girl... TOOO DANG fun! And I thought I could talk alot! ;) Jen, if you read this... I saw that you changed your avatar. I recognize you now!

Let's see, I also got to meet Sarah Hough and Scrappin Jeanette that I knew from 2peas. Sweet sweet girls!

My students were HILARIOUS and put up with my antics. (I greatly appreaciate that!)

The girls in the crop room were so fun too. Many shared Chocolate (Wendy and Wendy) and some lent me their tools and were even nice when I broke their cutting mat (sorry Jenn!)

Saturday night was a hoot! Lots of funny stories and fun photos but, I promised I wouldn't post them.

Gosh... I am sure I am forgetting things .. forgive me!

It was great to meet everyone and kudos to all where involved (Kim, Maureen, Mel) and those that were there to let us shop (Char and Terri) and the guys that kept us entertained (Craig, Dave and Sarah's Dad!)
We did get a group shot of the American Chicks! (Anja Wade, Marci Lambert, Me, Vivan Masket, Paula Gilarde, Sarah Hough)


*Paula* said...

check you out Kimber with the fancy album thingy! Love it! It was so wonderful to get to hang out with you this past weekend. Definitely on my list of things to do again!! :)

Liz said...

So nice to meet you, and I'm sorry I missed out on getting to talk to you more... love all the pictures you posted!

Dorrie's Blog said...

Hey Miss Kimber!
You are awesome girl! I loved your class, loved the tin.. so much so that I bough more kits later.. LOL.. dork! Great to FINALLY meet you.. yeah I know you had no idea who I was before.. but now that you know I am a superstar and have all kinds of connections with Canadian chocolate bars, I'm guessing you want me to be your new BFF! LOL
Thank you so much for participating in such a worthy cause.
Stay in touch girl! And best wishes to hubby!
Dorrie- the Ottawa Connection!

D said...

what a great cause Kimber! You guys made some beautiful pages!

Monique McCarthy said...

Hi Kimber,

I had the pleasure of meeting you in London - I was one of the crazy ones that dressed up '80s with the big hair and than you commented on one of my layouts as you walked past our tables -lots of cutting, and along with my friends said that I better enter the contest -(we were also the ones that served you up a daquiri in a coffee mug)
Your slideshow of the album is really neat and the pages that all you teachers put together are amazing - Your contribution to this great cause is truly amazing and now I wish I would have signed up for more classes and learned more from all you experts!
Maybe one day we will meet again!
Monique McCarthy

Jen said...

Great to meet you Kimber! I'm glad you can recognize me now! :)

Anika said...

hi again kimber!
it was so nice to meet you - it's rare to find another scrapbooker who is also a sports junkie... go colts go (and yes, peyton is no tom brady but still a looker). i will forgive you for making me cry about the hospital trip because you taught me so many cool tricks in the 2 classes i took! thanks for the encouraging words about my Nolan (who said 'hi mama' for the very first time when i got home!), and good luck to your husband in february!

Corey said...

so much FUN!!!

and I just have to say, I love your header!

Anonymous said...

It was so great to meet you, and I loved the classes I took from you, now just to put pics in them.... The whole weekend was a blast, and having great instructors made it just fantastic...
I see I am up on your blog, my first pic on the internet, I had to show my hubby and kids, just so they could see what the weekend was all about...
I do not have a blog so I am sending you comments from anonymous....:)
Hope to take a class from you again...soon...LOL
Marlene...your blog stalker..er um your blog reader I mean eh!!!...LOL

Anonymous said...

Red Alert it's Thynner aka: stalker..lol

I absolutley adored you!! Your classes were the tops at the Crop 4 Kids. Thanks so much for going and being such a driving force in regards to the Champion and the wonderful album. She will treasure that always.

Let me know if you need me to hook you up with more Canadian chocolate!


{jennie} said...

This looks like a fabulous event! They were lucky to have you attend,too ;-)
FYI, I saw a link and picture to your halloween album class here:
I know a scrap celeb! :-)

{jennie} said...

let's try the link again....
that looks better!

little_empresssu said...

Hey Kimber

Those pics I'd took turned out pretty good eh?!

It was so great to meet you..you're a hoot. I hope you'll be coming back to the next crop. And plus, you have to replenish your chocolate stash. Canadian chocolate rocks eh?

I'm saying eh a lot aren't I?? LOL


little_empresssu said...

Do you think you can send me the picture of the sign in front of the hotel. Can't believe I forgot to take a picture of that..



Janette said...

Hi Kimber!!!
AWESOME photos girl!
I wish I had more time to spend with you and get to know you.
Next time for sure!
It sure was a fun filled weekend and Sarah did a wonderful job along with all her helpers. Thanks to you for coming out to teach! HUGS to YOU!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a picture of the sign for this event? I'd forgot to take a picture. The one Kimber has on the blog isnt' big enough to print. If anyone has a picture and can email it to me that would be great!