Monday, October 22, 2007


FINALLY! It is fall here! It is my absolute favorite time of the year.

We took the kids to the park on Sunday and had a great time. They were jumping in the leaves and tossing them in the air... ohhhh to be a kid again.

I am SURE I would break something if I jumped in a pile of leaves.

Other than that, not much going on here. Just working through some projects...
Here are the latest 2 that were posted at Creating Keepesakes for the Monthly HOF Product Challenge. We used Making Memories and Rusty Pickle that we received for our win.
OH and if you aren't doing anything on Thursday night at 9pm EST, I will be chatting with my new Canadian Friends at
Heckling is allowed so, come join us! :)


Kara said...

oh my gosh!! fall arrived here too, in the form of a bad thunderstorn, rain all day, and 55 degree weather though.
can't complain though, it'll be 92 next week again!

miss ya girl! are you traveling some next year. email me (
*sniffle* i YIM too!!!

Allison said...

We can't wait to chat it up with ya Kimber on Thursday!! I'll bring the Crunchies!!!

Hugs, Ally.

Christel said...

Very cute layouts. That face makes me laugh too. We need to get together soon!!

Kim Moreno said...

LOVE those layouts!!!
*sigh* I'd love to have more of a fall here.. not so much in Arizona!! LOL

Dorrie's Blog said...

Gorgeous pics...beautiful LO's.. loving the Rusty Pickle these days.. and heckling with Canadians? I am sooo in for that girl!
Talk to you Thursday night...

marci lambert said...

hey! i recognize that layout!

it went from hot and humid to cold and rainy in two days here. it is currently 47 degrees. and wet. gross.

Elizabeth said...

just stopping by to say hello .
isn't it about time the changing colors found their way to IN???
love the canadian crop thingy.... very cool. I am in the midst of planning a benefit too.. I may pick your brain sometime .. LOL
great pages/projects. always a treat to see your stuff =)

Kerry said...

great pics!
great layouts!