Saturday, April 26, 2008

baseball season

Here comes the 1st of a Kazillion baseball photos. Andrew started T-ball this week and today was his 1st 'game'. If you can call semi-organized chaos amoungst 5 year olds a 'game'. ha!
(Mom -- I bet you are thrilled that his team is the Indians!)

All the kids did a great job! They had 4 or 5 coach pitched balls at each bat and if they had not hit one of those pitches, they hit off the tee. Andrew managed to hit each time off the coach. He's pretty darn proud of himself! (Mom is too!)
All the kids on each team hit each inning. It was very entertaining to watch! They are so stinkin' cute!

Good news... Bill will be home tomorrow for a few days for some R&R!!! Yippeeee!!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! He looks like a NATURAL!!!! Just keep him off steroids...LOL!!!

You've got some great shots!!! Can't choose a fav but really like the stop action of the ball in flight at the plate!!

Indians...isn't that your semi pro team, too???

Thanks for posting!!!
Your Mother

Janet O. said...

Heh. That is the same kind of ball that Aaron plays. Though he spends a lot of time in the dirt as well! Great photos!
Have fun w/Bill! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the proud look on his little face!! He sure is determined and focused Kimber. Makes a mother proud, doesn't it?!
Tara Thynne

Sarah Hodgkinson said...

I am soooo diggin' that last photo...the bent-over-high-five! LOVE IT!!!
Love to you,

Kerry McKibbins said...

He looks adorable!!!
Have fun with Bill!

pinktomato said...

go tribe !!!
i love baseball season - thom is in 3rd year of peewee and will start a little league later this summer too. love it!