Saturday, May 03, 2008

Back to the grind...

Back from Cincinnati. (GREAT experience!)
In-laws have left. (couldn't have done it with out them!)
Bill has come and gone (4 days went WAY too fast!)

While Bill was home he did get to go to Andrew's Baseball practice. I am so glad that he got to be a small part in Andrew's 1st year playing baseball even if it was for just a little bit. Andrew has had a lot of backyard practice before Bill left.
We did put Bill to work a bit in the yard while he was home. Removed a pine tree that died and replaced it with a maple. Bill's dad removed all the branches before he got home to make it easier to move. The tree did NOT look like that before it died. :)
Of course the kids had to get in on the action. Andrew has become a pretty good hole digger. Not sure if that is a good thing yet or not!

Today was National Scrapbook Day and I spent a few hours this afternoon at my new Scrappy home . There were 11 croppers at Cord Camera in Nora having a great time. Mid day I stopped by to do a simple Mother's Day card with the Cuttlebug and spend some time getting to know some of the store's regular customers. All SUPER nice ladies! I really hope to see them again!

I didn't take my camera with me today but, the ladies at the store (Bridgette) took some pictures and if she emails me a few... hint hint!... I will post them!

Have a good one... off to bed now!

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Bridgette Buntin said...


I'm off work today for a few reasons, but I'll be sending you those photos tomorrow (Wednesday). It was wonderful to have met you!