Saturday, June 21, 2008

Last day of baseball, zoo and slip and slide

Thursday morning we met Sherry down in Cincinnati after she finished working on her latest book for F&W Publications. Picked her up at her hotel then headed to the Cincinnati Zoo. The kids had a GREAT time. Sherry and I had a lot of giggles over some of the animals.
This Gorilla made me feel a whole lot better about my diet.
This obviously proves where 'The Amazon' comes from. of course. ;)
Laura completely enjoying her Cotton Candy. Little Miss Sticky fingers after this.
Today was Andrew's last day of Baseball. All he kept talking about this morning was getting a trophy. The little guy was so happy after his game to finally get his 1st trophy. Yep, they misspelled his last name. Nothing a Slick Writer couldn't fix. :)Came home, had lunch and then a little slip and slide action in the back yard.
Over a good couple of days!

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