Sunday, July 13, 2008

the concert was FANTASTIC!

Oh the stories to tell! ha!
We got down to southern Indiana around 6pm and then took a cab over to the casino.
As soon as we got there we decided to have dinner at the buffet (blech by the way!)
BUT, as we sat there eating, in walks Tyler and Kevin from the Barenaked Ladies. WAIT.. they are seated 1 table away from us!!! My face lit up like a little kid a Christmas. Kevin smiled and said 'Hey' and gave a little wave. Yes, I did ask for a photo and they said they needed to eat quick. Understood. SUPER nice guys though.

So we head outside to the concert. Ok, it's 95 FLIPPIN' degrees with 100% humidity. The kind of day where you stand still and sweat your tush off. Not very fun.

We gather our beers and head to our seats. This TINY outdoor 'arena' wasn't even 1/2 full. WHAT??? I was shocked. The other times I have seen them they were in HUGE arenas and sold out. This wasn't really advertised by anyone but the Casino. We just lucked into finding it on Tickemaster 2 weeks ago and got amazing seats. I'm still stunned by that!

One friend REALLY wanted to go and is a HUGE BNL fan, so we took her photo with us. Marci had a GREAT time at the show! lol.
Here's Marci waiting for the show to start. (She's the only one not sweating!)
Here's Marci enjoying a nice cold beer at the show."Hey Marci, down in front!"Love this picture of the whole band. (click on it to make it larger)Steve was hamming it for the photographers in this one corner. He spent a lot of time singing over there. He looked great. I almost didn't recognize him on stage.
Ed... always a hottie, jamming out!
If you have ever seen these guys in concert, they are HILARIOUS! They have this dance routine they have been doing at other shows, I was hoping they would do it here. They did. Cracked me up!
Ahhhh... in the cold casino having a few beers! CHEERS!

Oh, and while we were sitting at the bar, Tyler and his wife came in. They walked right past me and I smiled and said "Thank you for an awesome show!". He was super kind and said "you are so welcome and thank you!"

Seriously good time! CAN NOT believe I actually 'met' 2 of the guys.

On another funny note for anyone here in Indiana, we also saw Jarrod from the Subway commercials and the City Prosecutor Carl Brizzi there. Who knew?!

Now I need to go take a nap!


Summer Fullerton said...

OMG sounds like such a fun evening. Marci looks like she had a fantasic time ;) those photos made me LMAO. I can't belive you got to meet 2 members from the band where are the photos girl. Oh BTW 2 more days ;) xo xo xo

*Paula* said...

LOL! Marci looks like she had fun - lucky girl!! :D You are a nut!

Vivian said...

Sounds amazing! So glad Marci (and you) had a good time. ;)

marci lambert said...

WOW!!! i had an awesome time!!!! i'm glad you did too!!

Francine said...

This is too funny!! Looks like a great time!

Sarah Hodgkinson said...

I heard that Marci hooked up with the was written all over her face in the morning!
Glad you and the girls had a kick butt time!

marci lambert said...

only in my dreams, sarah.

Amy Wing said...

I love BNL! Steve is looking super-svelte these days, isn't he? My buddy Jill Knapp may start getting a bit concerned he's lost his sexy "joe" (gut)!

I haven't seen them live in many years - I lost interest when they got away from the little venues. Do they do anything except the big places anymore? I saw them at Gibsons in Tempe once - it was totally fantastic, and I was in the front row! (Open seating - just get there early... whoo hooooo!!!)

Christel said...

Thanks Kimber I had a blast and will be a night I will never forget. Great times and memories! Oh those memories of good talks, bad food, wet clothes, good beer, and your smile from ear to ear. Thanks again! We will have to do it again!

{jennie} said...

The picture of Marci cracks me up. My sister and I did that on a trip once with our other sister, Laura....we actually forgot her on the table centerpiece.....

Christy said...

Okay, I'm a big BNL fan too...the concert looked like alot of fun! Just saw this today regarding Steven....UGH!