Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm here!

But barely!
I got home from CHA on Sunday night.
Summer went home on Monday afternoon.
My in-laws went home on Wednesday morning.
I worked Wednesday and Thursday on catching up around the house and on projects.
Left Friday afternoon for Ohio to visit my dad and step-mom.
Drove more in Ohio on Saturday to teach at a friend's new store in Wooster, PinkTomato.
(FANTASTIC store and great students! If you live anywhere near, stop buy and say hi to Jodi and Christy!)
Came home on Sunday afternoon.
1st kid started throwing up on Sunday night.
2nd kid started throwing up on Monday morning.

And now, it's Tuesday. ha!
Everyone seems to be doing well this morning.Here's the 1 thing I did accomplish yesterday beyond laundry and cleaning up the kitchen. This is for this weeks SketchThis!
Loving the new October Afternoon. I was lucky to receive some of the new products at CHA last week. It was begging to be used!

Have a good one!


Christel said...

Hope everyone is feeling much better today! Call if you need anything.

Jackie said...

Sure hope the kiddies are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

now isn't that a fine mess!! sure don't miss the days of kiddie crud!!!

let's hope everyone's feeling better for NEXT WEEK!!!

your mother

Rickie said...

Hope The kiddies are on the mends and that you didnt get that terrible stuff. !! I remember those days when all 3 were sick at the same time.

Houston said...

Hope everyone is doing better at your house this evening. SO...maybe you could come teach in CO sometime:)

Janet O. said...

ummm...I may have been a carrier at CHA - we had "the VBS bug" (everyone at VBS had it) go raging through our house the day after CHA, and the next week, and it's very possible I gave it to you and possibly Sherry...eek