Thursday, July 24, 2008

That Marci ! and more CHA Summer...

So, I was getting myself ready to head out for the day and didn't want to take my purse. As I was cleaning it out and deciding what I wanted to take with me, I found Marci in my purse.
If you read a few posts back, Marci went with us to the Barenaked Ladies concert. Apparently I didn't take her out of my purse after the show. Either that or she wanted to go to Chicago with us... :)
Next thing I know, she's sleeping with Sarah. It's a good thing those 2 are friends or this could have been a very awkward moment!

Ok, now onto our little venture to downtown Chicago from Rosemont. Sherry, Summer and I rolled into town around noon, dropped our stuff in our rooms and then grabbed the train to downtown.
The train ride is fairly long and we were VERY hungry. Sherry had some sour patch kids in her purse and offered them to us. (blech!) but, she and Summer seemed to be enjoying them.

All I wanted was 1 photo of them on the train. But, ohhhh no! It was just like taking pictures of my kids. 1 was behaving and the other making faces. Fine. I am posting these on my blog since neither of you could cooperate! ;)
Oh, sure, now you want to behave after I threatened you. ;)
We get off the train right by the Sears Tower. This is a really cool sculpture right outside the train stop.
I just kinda hung out behind Summer and took pictures of what ever she did. Worked for me!
Whoaaaa that's 1 tall building! (Sears Tower)
Using my Summer strategy again.
This is 103 floors up from the Skydeck looking down at where we just were. Do you see that same Sculpture? I only had my 50 mm lens with me so I couldn't zoom in on anything.
After our trip up to the top, we wondered the city for about an hour. Summer and Sherry chatted each other's ears off. I kinda just led them randomly around. (I got turned around). We finally made it back to the train stop and we had to send Summer back to Rosemont for a meeting.
Sherry and I got our barrings and carried on to our next stop for dinner with some other pals. I'll post those tomorrow. (Blogger doesn't like too many photos in 1 post).

Another note, I had been BEGGING my son Andrew to let me 'help' his 1st tooth come out before I left for Chicago. He was having NOTHING to do with my pleas. I KNEW it would come out while I was gone and I would miss it.
It did. I left at 9am and it fell out at lunch that same day. :( So sad that I missed it. Good news is there is another loose tooth on the bottom still!


marci lambert said...

you have no idea how much i love sleeping around! especially with that hottie, sarah!

wish i really could have been there. john and i went to chicago back before kids and we had a blast.

Emily Pitts said...

:O that marci! i have yet to meet her.

your boy is adorable btw.

Anonymous said...

I have to warn you Kimber that you'll probably miss the next one too. Murphy's Law. happened to me and each time I was at a scrap event! Poor Paige!!
Tara Thynne

island girl said...

i "heart" chi-town!! loved your photos!!

and look at that missing tooth!!

Janet O. said...

arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh. I wish I had been able to go with you guys. I always miss the fun ones!

Marci Knecht said...

OMG, you're hilarious!

Houston said...

I love the shot from the sky deck, I was too chicken to go up there so Christyn and I took a river tour, very cool and great pictures.

I think the whole tooth thing is so sad, I had to pull out our son's first loose tooth after the other one started to grow in behind it. He begged me to and how does a Mom say no to a child who claims he is in pain, even though I am terrified of the dentist myself:)

Summer Fullerton said...

bawhaahaaahaaa .... nuf said - xo xo xo

Sherry said...

good gawd could you find an uglier picture of me to post to the world.... pay back is a h*ll my friend! *wink*..... you know.. mIssing tooth photo has a great journaling story for a page.... not your ordinary.. he lost a tooth blah blah blah.. just in case you missed that cool aspect of MISSING the moment! lol

linda said...

Dang. Sherry comes along and leaves you and comment AND a layout idea. No way I can compete with that.

Cindy Tobey said...

LOL! Looks like you had fun! Love the pic of your cutie pie son! Elijah is missing 3 on top in front...aren't they just so cute with missing teeth?!