Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Tee hee... I got to use that Random Number Generator for the 1st time.

So the Winners are:

Monique McCarthy said...

Hi Kimber,

I have been lurking since I met you last October in London at the Crop for Kids - it is so kind of you to share your goodies -

5:42 PM

Lisa K said...

Hi there! I am one of your "lurkers" but I love stopping by! Lisa K in Texas

8:05 AM

Please email me your mailing addresses and I will get these out to you!

Thank you guys for 'de-lurking'. It makes me happy to know who is even reading this besides my mom, mother-in-law and husband.

PLEASE don't be strangers.

Made my day!
Thank you!!!


Monique McCarthy said...


I am so excited to have one some of your goodies

My address has been sent to you

Thank You


Monique McCarthy said...

okay I do know how to spell it should read "won" - that is just how excited I am!!!!