Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where Have I Been?!

Geez Louise. Where has this month gone? Well, I went to Florida for a week with the kiddlets. (many photos to come!)
And we had so many things to cram in before we left and now that we are back.

I need to get these things posted though.
These are my October projects for WorldWin Papers. This month we partnered with Melissa Frances to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

Ok, now I need to head out and carve pumpkins. ewww... pumpkin guts. blech!

Have a good one!


Lisa Dorsey said...

You know I love these sweetie! That bra just cracks me up! :)


Debbie D said...

Welcome back Kimber! You truly live up to the "whirlwind" theme.
Love the Bra Card...too cute!
Debbie D.

Summer Fullerton said...

You made a bra card .... it's really CUTE :) happy pumpkin carving Grant hates the guts too.