Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween 2008

Since I have a zillion photos from the last month to load for Bill, Grandparents and the like. I decided to split them up.

The most recent are from the last few days. Tricking out the pumpkins and treating for candy.

I'm kinda liking the Mr. Pumpkin Head approach this year for the pumpkins!
Little Miss Sleeping Beauty!
And of course Iron Man!
The weather was amazing and with daylight savings time moved a week later than in the past it was actually light for trick or treating. Perfect!


Lisa Dorsey said...

Cutie pie trick or treaters Kimber! I wish they would have had Mr. P when my kids were little. Such a great idea!

texasbarb said...

WOW what a different approach to pumpkin "carving"....don't have to deal with pumpkin guts or kids throwing them at each other...any you...LOL!!!

Thanks for posting!!!!!!

island girl said...

ha...i'm totally going for the Mr. Pumpkin look next year...those rock!

Summer Fullerton said...

ADORABLE - the Mr. Potato Head Pumpkins are perfect and is Miss Laura looking at the camera ... maybe just a bit.

Kristen Swain said...

just dropping in to say howdy hey! been a long time since we've caught up- um- yeah- i think i helped you (so not really!) with your hof entry- that long! LOL!

Sarah Mullanix said...

LOVE the Mr. Potato Head pumpkings!
Very cute!!!