Monday, July 07, 2008

hmmm... what was that noise?

I am sitting here watching Antique Roadshow with Grandma. We hear this noise in the kitchen and had no clue what it was.
I get up to go look. Nope nothing fell on the floor.
Opened the refrigerator door. Nothing unusual in there.
Opened the freezer door. HOLY EXPLOSION OF SODA!WOW look at what happened to the can!
Now I have frozen Diet Dr. Pepper all over the inside of my freezer. Um... Andrew... when mommy asked you to put the soda in the refrigerator, did you put in the freezer by mistake? ha!

Grandma's visit it going well. We had a great time at a pre-4th of july party down the street and then a cook out on the 4th. We didn't make it to the parade since it was pouring rain in the morning.
We did go to the Children's Museum and an Indian's game so far. It's so nice to have her here for the week.

Some fun scrappy things today too!
1. I made the 'call-backs' for the Chatterbox Design Team. Do you SEE the incredible people on that list? yikes!
2. A nice gal named Emmanuelle contacted me and did a mini interview for a French site,

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!


pinktomato said...

omgosh!! you entered the dt call for chatterbox!!! oh i wish you all the luck - i know you'll make it!! LOoOoOve the artsy stuff! got it in the store!!

Amy Wing said...

Ummm... Kimber? When I saw your name on the list of call-backs today, I thought YOU were one of "those names!" Heh.

I can't remember how I got referred to your blog, honestly, but I've got on my feed.

Summer Fullerton said...

Congrats on CBX :) still mad at you for not telling me you entered but I will get over it.

florence54 said...

hello from France!
and bravo, your blog is great and it's a real pleasure for the eyes. (sorry my english is not realy good...)

Christel said...

I bet you had a lot of fun cleaning that mess up. Congrats on the call backs!!! Can't wait for the Sat. will talk to you soon to get more details.

marci lambert said...

holy canoli! that explosion was awesome. much like you on that chatterbox list. remember that!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Congrats on the DT call-back, but I'm not at all surprised!!

And that stinks about the pop! I bet you wanted to just shut that freezer and "forget" you saw that! Bummer!

Monique McCarthy said...

What a mess to have to clean up and even when you think you are finished cleaning it there is yet another sticky spot!!! I have to agree with another poster that YOU are one of those names - Any time I pick up a magazine I look for your work!!! Congratulations thier stuff is so awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

hehehehe!!! Been there done the T-shirt!!!! And it wasn't Andrew who put the pop in the freezer!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed for Chatterbox!!

Your Mother